​GrandCare is the ultimate wellness monitoring, activity monitoring, and communications portal designed to improve the lives of seniors, their caregivers, and families. Combining Tele-health Assessment, Activities of Daily Living Monitoring, Cognitive Assists, Medication Management, aspects of "Smart Home" automation technology, and simplified Internet communications, Social Networking, and Two-Way Video chat into a flexible, user friendly, and afforadble package. Suncoast Senior Tech the most comprehensive and fully featured aging in place telemonitoring system on the market today.

Suncoast Senior Tech

​The core of the GrandCare System is an interactive touchscreen and sensors in the resident's home. Typically placed in a high traffic area, the GrandCare System provides a simple, intuitive interface for the resident to receive social interactions from family, keep up with current events, playgames, and receive cognitive prompts throughout the day. Meanwhile, the system quietly monitors activity sensors and vital sign devices. Using a standard internet browser, caregivers remotely view activity, monitor vital signs, send messages and designate rules defining when and how they want to be alerted when an unusal condition is detected- all available via a single care portal.